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ANA introduces virtual reality safety training to improve risk prediction and work safety


All Nippon Airways (ANA) said it plans to introduce virtual reality (VR) training designed to help its mechanics identify and predict future risks as well as to improve safety in all aspects of aircraft operation.


The new VR safety training system will use 3-D simulations of work environments to create real-world scenarios based on common work-related accidents.


Workers participating in the VR training program will actively participate in a series of narrated simulations, following instructions while performing a range of basic safety actions. If any mistakes are made, trainees will experience sensory cues and will be prompted to review their actions so that they are able to understand the precise nature of their mistakes. This process of immersive learning will better prepare ANA mechanics to react in real-life scenarios.


“Safety has always been a top priority for ANA, and incorporating the latest VR technology into our training procedures is the next step in creating a safer environment for our employees,” said Tatsuhiko Mitsukura, Executive Vice President of ANA. “Time and time again, we have embraced advanced technology to train our employees because we believe that it is important to remain at the cutting edge when it comes to safety.”

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