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App supports seniors and their family

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NTT Docomo has released a new free smartphone application that could be very helpful for seniors and their family members, called Tsunagari Hotto Support. “Tsunagari” means connection, and “Hotto” means relief in Japanese.


The application is offered to those who have Docomo’s RakuRaku smartphone series which is a simple smartphone series designed for elderly users. If a senior person has a RakuRaku smartphone that has the Tsunagari Hotto Support app installed, his or her smartphone usage situation, such as number of steps walked, the presence or absence of unlocking the smartphone screen, and the remaining battery level, will be sent in notices to assigned family members.


The senior persons can only add their daily health condition (Good, Not bad, and Bad) in the application and let their family know.


Usually the family members get the notice once a day at the registered time; however, when the senior’s number of steps exceeds a predetermined number or the smartphone’s remaining battery lowers more than a certain amount, they will receive an urgent notice and will be instantly alerted that something wrong is happening.


Source: AkihabaraNews

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