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CyberWing, OpenX to launch Japan’s first mobile ad exchange


CyberWing Corp, a media representative for Japan’s leading Internet service providers (ISPs) and a subsidiary of NEC BIGLOBE Ltd (BIGLOBE), and OpenX Technologies Inc), one of the world’s leading providers of digital and mobile advertising technology, on Tuesday announced a major new private advertising exchange specifically for Japanese mobile inventory, including smartphones and tablets. This multi-year partnership is expected to launch later this year.


The new exchange will enable approved advertisers worldwide to purchase mobile inventory from mobile developers within a closed marketplace environment. The exchange’s premium inventory will include owned and operated in application inventory supplied by BIGLOBE, one of Japan’s leading ISPs, and Nifty Corporation, another of Japan’s leading ISPs and a subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. The inventory will also include supply from Twipple, the leading Twitter mobile client in Japan, and the ten leading Japanese ad networks with which CyberWing has agreements.


The new CyberWing private exchange will offer Real-Time Bidding (RTB) capabilities, enabling application developers to maximize their ad revenue by selling their inventory for the highest price. Developers will enjoy superior levels of control, including the ability to approve all demand sources, in order to maintain the high quality of ads. CyberWing has the option to bring demand into the exchange or to open up the marketplace to demand from OpenX Market Japan or other sources. OpenX will power the new exchange with its leading marketplace technology platform, which handles more than one million bids per second at peak.

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