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Daikin’s ZESTIA container refrigeration unit enables 45% energy savings


Daikin Industries Ltd has unveiled ZESTIA, the world’s first container refrigeration unit to employ a scroll-type DC inverter compressor, and feature outstanding energy savings along with even greater ease in operation and maintenance.


Recently, efforts have been made in the global maritime industry to strengthen environmental protection. In July, a decision was made to introduce a CO2 emission policy to international maritime transportation. With the steep rise in the price of bunker oil, the push for energy savings has accelerated even further for container ships. Consequently, the trend towards pursuing energy savings from such aspects as reduction in operation costs and CO2 emissions has intensified, even for container refrigeration units.


Daikin’s ZESTIA, employing a scroll DC inverter compressor, features reduced electric power consumption by approximately 45%. Moreover, the unit meets today’s needs for larger container ships and improves ease of machine operation and maintenance, so that inspection can be performed more efficiently in a shorter time.

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