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DeNA & ngmoco’s Mobage exits beta


DeNA Co Ltd and subsidiary ngmoco, a leading mobile entertainment company, said Thursday that their global mobile entertainment network for Android, Mobage, has exited beta. Mobage-enabled games Zombie Farm, We Rule and Pocket Frogs have also landed in the Top 25 charts for Android Marketplace with all three apps currently boasting user scores of 4.6/5 stars.


“Mobage has come out of beta,” Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco and director of DeNA said. “The beta period allowed us to test, refine and prove the service, assuring a superb user experience with Mobage and our world-class suite of games. We now start the process of scaling the service and it is great to already see our games ranking high in the charts.”


There are more than 120 social mobile games currently available or in development for Mobage, from first-party titles like DragonCraft, Skyfall and We Rule to third party games from the world’s best independent developers, including The Playforge, Nimblebit, Backflip Studios and Rock You Games.


Developers looking to use ngmoco’s ngCore development engine to reach the growing Mobage audience, including more than 32 million users in Japan, can get more info at https://developer.mobage.com.

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