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Dentsu, ADK Group become business partners of Flipboard


Dentsu Inc, Dentsu Digital Holdings Inc, cyber communications inc, ASATSU-DK Inc and ADK Digital Communications Inc announced Thursday that the five companies have become business partners of Flipboard, representing its social magazine for iPad, iPhone and Android in Japan. The aim of the partnership is to support Flipboard in cultivating relationships with media companies and assist in marketing the social magazine.


Flipboard is a free app for iPad, iPhone and Android that presents images, stories and links from various online social media as well as RSS feeds from news websites and blogs in a magazine-like layout.


Since its launch in Japan on May 15, the Dentsu Group and the ADK Group have supported Flipboard in creating relationships with media companies. Going forward, the two groups will act as Flipboard’s business partners to expand the number of media companies that share content, promote the social magazine as an advertising medium, and increase the user base of the application by popularizing the company’s services in Japan.

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