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Dentsu says ‘DecoMarket for Android’ reaches a million downloads


Dentsu Inc, D2 Communications and Bijutsu Shuppan Networks Co said Thursday that their co-developed and co-operated “DecoMarket for Android” application has passed its one millionth download as of Feb 21.


DecoMarket was first released in November 2010, and, with the rising penetration of smartphones, it has increasingly grown in both the number of downloads and revenue to become the de facto standard for smartphone emoji services (emoticons and other animated characters, expressed using GIF, JPEG or other image files rather than the conventional character codes such as Unicode). There are already close to 50 content providers providing emoji to this platform. The three companies will focus further on growing the number of emoji available.


In an aim to enhance user experience, the three companies have also developed and released ;Dcloud last December, a cloud platform that allows users to easily access more than 100,000 emoji instantly as though they were available locally on their devices. A software development kit is available for developers and content providers. Apps utilizing ;Dcloud will also be launched worldwide this spring.


Furthermore, in an effort to expand ;Dcloud globally, the three companies will also be world premiering five compatible apps alongside ;Dcloud at the Mobile World Congress that will be held from Feb 27 to March 1 in Barcelona, Spain. Their goal is to expand the emoji culture worldwide and add fun to communication globally.


Note 1: EmojinEmoji are emoticons and other animated characters, expressed using GIF, JPEG or other image files rather than the conventional character codes such as Unicode used to create emoticons. Unlike emoticons, there are no code restrictions for emoji, which means that an infinite number of emoji can be created. Since the size of an emoji is not restricted to the size of one character, an emoji can span the length of one line, be an irregularly shaped picture or even a template for greeting cards and other messages.


Note 2: ;DcloudnA platform that allows smartphone users to access more than 100,000 emoji that are stored on the cloud (trademark registration is pending).nPlease visit http://dcloud.jpn.com for more information.


Note 3: ;Dcloud compatible appsnThe three companies will be demonstrating the following five applications at the Mobile World Congress.

n;Decora (email application)n

A new way to communicate through e-mail!nAdd decorations and emoticons (emoji) to your e-mails!nGo beyond greeting cards and liven up your messages to friends with animations—whether the occasion is one of congratulations, or just saying hello!nMake your everyday life more colorful and fun with ;Decora!


DECOTALK (chat application)nRich, relaxing, real-time communication for all!nDECOTALK is a chat app running on ;Dcloud.nGirl talk is better with a world of rich emoji and cute effects to deliver your thoughts and feelings to your friends in a new way!


;Deco Message (SMS application)nMake your daily texting more fun and exciting!nSome things just can’t be expressed in only words— deliver your feelings by adding emoji to your normal text messages!


;Deco Book (miniblog application)n;Deco Book allows you to add emoji to your blog.n;Deco Book’s intuitive interface makes it easy to decorate your blog with cute emoji and share it with the world!nIn no time at all, blogging will be more fun and exciting!

nn;Decotter (Twitter application)nExperience a whole new world of tweets!n;Decotter allows you to communicate with your followers in chat style.nAdd style and fun with ;Dcloud emoji!n

Note 4: Mobile World Congress 2012nThe world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry to be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 to March 1nPlease visit the exhibition and see ;Dcloud at Booth 7A-103 in Hall 7.

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