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Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan to start new chapter in electronic publishing


The Establishment Office of Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan on Thursday announced the launch on April 2 of a new company, Digital Publishing Initiatives Japan (DPIJ), which aims to create a public platform for the digitalization of publications and thereby encourage growth in the electronic publishing market, with the goal of digitalizing one million publications.


DPIJ is the outcome of collaboration between 20 publishing companies: Impress Holdings, Keiso Shobo, Kodansha Ltd, Kobunsha Co., Ltd, Shueisha Inc, Shogakukan Inc, Shinchosha Publishing Co Ltd, Chikumashobo Ltd, University of Tokyo Press, Tokyo Denki University Press, Bungeishunju Ltd, Heibonsha Limited, Yuikaku Publishing and hanmoto.com (which is represented by Pot Publishing and six other companies).


Alongside its digitalization business, DPIJ will work to foster a better environment for readers by providing data storage services for those publications, offering distribution support for electronic bookstores and serving as a point of contact for library access. The company will operate these services under the brand name Pubridge.


DPIJ is being launched in an effort to address issues raised in discussions over the past two years between Japan’s Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Their debate has highlighted issues emerging in the digital era, such as ensuring access to published works, the relationship between libraries and publishers and harmonizing the treatment of publication’s rights. DPIJ aims to offer solutions to these challenges and in doing so boost market growth while shaping the future of publishing.  

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