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DNP develops lead frame for world’s slimmest semiconductor package


Dai Nippon Printing Co (DNP) has developed a new lead frame in response to efforts to slim down the semiconductor package mounted on electronic devices, including mobile terminals and PCs. Using this lead frame it has become possible to achieve a semiconductor package with a thickness of 0.15mm, or approximately 1/20th the thickness of existing general products, which is the slimmest molded package in the world to date.


In line with the shift to more compact and increasingly high performance in a variety of electronic device, including the popularity of mobile PCs and the many mobile phones which now have PDA functions, there has been a sharp pick up in demands for the further downsizing, slimming down and higher densification of semiconductor packages. There has been a subsequent expansion in the market for packaging which mounts semiconductors on a three dimensional basis, including those types which multilayer the semiconductor packaging, and those which multilayer the IC chips.

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