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DoCoMo unveils new corporate logo

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Mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc on Friday unveiled its new corporate logo and branding strategy which aims to shift its focus from career-oriented to customer-oriented services to achieve customer satisfaction.


Admitting its decreasing number of users in the market, Masao Nakamura, president and CEO, said, “Currently, it is very difficult to differentiate ourselves from other carriers in terms of technology — which we have so far focused on as a selling point. It’s becoming more important to meet individual customers’ needs. Ultimately, customer loyalty and word of mouth bring in long-term contracts and new customers.”


Masahiko Uotani, special adviser to the company and Coca Cola Japan president, said, “DoCoMo has persisted and been successful in the past. They now need to be more flexible in a changing market by restructuring the organization.”


DoCoMo said the company has been working on making the organization more flexible for quicker decision-making as well as a new sales strategy and development of user-friendly handsets.


DoCoMo’s share of the Japanese mobile phone market came to 49.7% as of March 31, dipping below the 50% mark for the first time, while Softbank Mobile Corp has gradually been acquiring new users. Its share increased to 18.1% from 16.4%, the Telecommunications Carriers Association reported earlier this month.


The new corporate logo, color and message “Unlimited Potential, in Your Hand” will be used from July 1. Customer services will be strengthened, such as improvement of premium club service, DoCoMo said.

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