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Fanbook launches world’s first SNS service for creating and sharing Facebook page


Fanbook Inc has launched the β version of “fanbook,” the world’s first SNS service for building and sharing a Facebook page, with the theme of Japanese culture.


Four characteristics of fanbook are:


Creating up to 100 pages for free. You can easily create your original Facebook page just select the design you like from the rich themes based on the concept of Japanese culture produced by artists and designers from all over the world. You can complete it in about 3 minutes.


Posting your original design theme. Post your own design theme, let other users to share, and your design is spread to the users in the world. (coming soon)


Sharing of Facebook page. Your own Facebook page can be spread to the world within register and share on fanbook. (coming soon)

nnMaking a customized design theme. In addition to design themes that are registered, you can distribute customized design theme based on companies, brands, products, and campaigns for limited time.ntttttttntttntttntttttttttttt© Business Wirenttttttttt