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Fujitsu Group’s largest facility to source 100% of its energy needs from renewables

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In 2018, the Fujitsu Group announced its goal to increase its use of renewable energy in the electricity used in its domestic and international properties to 40% or more by 2030 and 100% by 2050. To date, Fujitsu’s introduction of renewable energy has been focused primarily in Europe and the United States, where supply is abundant. However, expanding the introduction of renewable energy in Japan remains an important issue.


As a flagship model for these efforts in Japan, Fujitsu’s Kawasaki Main Office, the Fujitsu Group’s largest facility, will be fully powered by renewable energy from April 1, with a view to introducing this system on a full scale at its locations throughout Japan. This latest effort accounts for approximately 5% of the Fujitsu Group’s electricity consumption in Japan.


Through this and other activities, Fujitsu said it will continuously contribute to the decarbonization of its operations, as well as its customers and society, adapting proactively to the unprecedented threat posed by climate change, as set forth in its medium- and long-term environmental vision.


Source: Fujitsu

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