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Fujitsu, Infoteria collaborate on smart device-enabled enterprise services


Fujitsu Ltd and Infoteria Corp have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in launching a business that brings together Infoteria’s “Handbook” internal corporate information distribution service for smart devices and Fujitsu’s system integration (SI) services. Fujitsu and Infoteria will integrate their respective strengths as they seek to expand their smart device-related services business.


In recent years, the rapid spread of smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices has led to the expectation that the use of these tools in the enterprise environment will result in new working styles and other workplace improvements.


In particular, there is a high need to employ smart devices in applications such as enabling a salesperson to introduce products to customers, viewing materials in a paperless meeting, and distributing documents and files within a company. There is also a rising need to incorporate them into a company’s business systems.


By collaborating to combine their respective strengths, Fujitsu and Infoteria seek to expand their smart device-related services business. Specifically, by combining Infoteria’s Handbook with Fujitsu’s systems integration expertise, which spans an array of industries and work processes, the companies seek to build a highly secure information distribution platform and provide enterprise customers with services ranging from content to device administration.

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