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Fujitsu pioneers industry’s first use of water-based paint for plastic chassis ICT equipment


Fujitsu Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd on Monday announced the industry’s first in development of a water-based paint for use on the plastic chassis of servers, personal computers, and other ICT equipment. The new water-based paint is used on the front panels of the SPARC M10-4 and SPARC M10-4S in the SPARC M10 series of UNIX servers available in 2013.


This newly developed water-based paint uses two kinds of resin in a core shell structure, and tuning the volatility makes it possible to create adhesion between resin particles and enable painting at low temperatures. Compared to solvent-based paints, this cuts the use of petroleum resources by 54% and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 80%.


Fujitsu plans to expand the use of this kind of paint in its own products, such as servers and notebook computers, as a way to use natural resources more efficiently and reduce its environmental footprint.

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