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Fujitsu receives order for supercomputer system from Canon


Fujitsu on Tuesday announced that it has received an order for a new supercomputer system from Canon Inc. The system will be a 96-node configuration of the Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX10, and will have a theoretical peak performance of 20.2 teraflops.


The system will contribute to more sophisticated analytical simulations in Canon’s product development processes. The system is expected to begin operations in October 2013.


Canon has been utilizing high performance computing for virtual prototyping and various analytical simulations in its product development activities. However, as products are becoming increasingly sophisticated while getting progressively smaller, the company began to consider deploying a more sophisticated supercomputer system that would enable it to perform complex, large-scale analytical calculations.


Canon said it selected the PRIMEHPC FX10 as its new supercomputer system for its combination of high performance, low power consumption, and high reliability.

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