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Jupiter to launch high-spec set-top box with video recording functionality service


Jupiter Telecommunications Co (J:COM), the largest multiple system operator (MSO) in Japan based on the number of customers served will start offering a new HDR Plus service, delivered via an advanced STB1 (Set-Top Box), across allnservice areas on Dec 17.


The new STB model TZ-DCH8000 features an enhanced DVD drive with high-definition videonrecording capability as well as an expanded 500 gigabyte hard disk. HDR Plus will allow users to record up to 80 hours (887 hours in standard definition) in digital high-definition video. It also provides customers with approximately four times more recording capacity compared to conventional HDR Service.


J:COM will offer HDR Plus to all of its Digital TV Service customers for the additionalnfee of 1,260 yen per month.

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