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KDDI to release Mozilla’s Firefox OS phone in Japan


Mozilla and KDDI Corp on Tuesday announced plans to launch Firefox OS phones in Japan, and to cooperate to reinforce Firefox OS development. Firefox OS is the new mobile platform developed by Mozilla, which fully utilizes open web technologies such as HTML5.


Mozilla has developed an open ecosystem with no proprietary restrictions; anyone can access to all properties of Firefox OS. In accordance with Mozilla’s commitment, specifications and reference codes of numerous APIs are being submitted to standardization bodies such as W3C. Firefox OS is expected not only to accelerate application development, but to bring innovative services and fair competition accordingly.


KDDI said it has decided to contribute its code back to Firefox OS developer community. The challenge is to drive development work and to avoid compatibility issues by sharing common functions. For this to happen, Mozilla and KDDI will work closely to achieve efficient data transfer in mobile, secure application framework, and parental control for Firefox OS.

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