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KDDI’s Mi-Look cell phone helps track elderly relatives

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KDDI has announced the release of the Mi-Look cell phone, which is intended to help worried families keep track of elderly relatives or those with memory loss issues. The cell phone-like GPS-enabled pedometer, designed by Kyocera, features a waterproof body and just three main buttons in a bid to make operation as simple as possible.


KDDI said the Mi-Look sends automatic updates pertaining to distance traveled and current location, so that concerned families can keep track of vulnerable relatives. It is also equipped with a pull-cord that activates an emergency alarm. If activated, emails containing GPS data about thenMi-Look’s current whereabouts are automatically sent to designated email addresses, KDDI said.


The Mi-Look also comes with a dock that is equipped with a sensor that registers each time a person walks by. The dock contains a microphone and speaker for hands-free calling, which can be set to automatically answer incoming calls. KDDI said the Mi-Look also features memory slots for storing up to 20 addresses and can make outgoing calls.


According to KDDI, the monthly service plan is expected to cost 1,095 yen. The Mi-Look is scheduled to go on sale in September for around 20,000 yen.

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