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Kyocera receives 2011 Minister of the Environment Award


Kyocera Corp has received Japan’s 2011 Minister of the Environment Award for promotion of measures to cope with global warming (countermeasures category) in recognition of the comprehensive environmental activities undertaken with the community by the company’s Shiga Gamo & Shiga Yohkaichi manufacturing plants.


This is the second year running that Kyocera has been a recipient, following last year’s award in the technology development/product category for its high-output multicrystalline solar module for industrial and commercial applications.


For this year’s award, Kyocera was recognized for the comprehensive work done by its two Shiga-based facilities to help combat climate change — including work done with the local community and government, and its implementation of solar energy applications. Specific programs are listed below:

nDevelopment and sales of the “Solar Cycle Station”n

Development and commercialization of the Solar Cycle Station — an environmentally friendly solar-powered recharging station for electric-assisted bicycles.

nParticipation in the Next-Generation Energy Park Plan (Higashiomi City, Shiga)n

Kyocera participated in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry project to develop the local economy and promote environmental preservation measures.

nOperation of environmental education facilitiesn

Kyocera has been providing environmental education tours and facilities for the local community such as the Kyocera Shiga Green & Eco Garden (Shiga Gamo Plant), and the Ecology House (Shiga Yohkaichi Plant).

nProviding “Eco-Lessons” at local schoolsn

Using solar energy as a educational subject, Kyocera has been offering Eco-Lessons to local elementary schools in order to enhance children’s awareness of environmental issues and interest in alternative energy, and to foster an eco-friendly perspective in the next generation.

nForest upkeep and water purification experimentsn

Kyocera undertakes forest upkeep on its facility grounds, and uses the forest clippings to make charcoal which is then used for an experimental water purification system.


As a company which is committed to its local communities, Kyocera will continue to proactively promote activities that contribute to environmental preservation and community development.

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