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Mazda develops plastic molding technology that reduces resin consumption by 30%


As part of its efforts to reduce vehicle weight, Mazda Motor Corp has developed a new plastic molding technology that enables a substantial reduction in the weight of plastic parts used in vehicles.


This plastic molding manufacturing technique cuts the consumption of plastic resins that are used as raw material by approximately 20 to 30%, with associated reductions in vehicle weight.


The most common manufacturing method for producing automobile plastic parts is injection molding. Mazda’s improved injection molding process involves mixing supercritical fluid (SCF), made from common inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, with the plastic resin raw material. The process utilizes a particular characteristic of SCF to mix readily with other substances at the molecular level to raise the fluidity of the liquid plastic resin and cause it to expand rapidly when injected into a mold. As a result, smaller amounts of the raw material resin are needed to fill molds.

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