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McDonalds targets families with in-store only Nintendo DS service

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McDonald’s Japan announced Monday that it will offer a new service that begins on Friday in about 3,200 of its stores nationwide, which allows owners of Nintendo DS series handsets to access games and other features while in McDonald’s restaurants.


The new service and tie-up with Nintendo, called “Makku de DS,” will allow customers who bring their Nintendo DS handset into stores to access games and discount coupons, and download Pocket Monster and other characters, through a wireless network specific to the DS and limited to the premises. The games include trial versions of English-learning tool “Eigo Tsuke” and popular brain training software, as well as games that educate users about nutrition and health.


Eikoh Harada, who is the big cheese at McDonald’s Japan, serving as chairman, president and CEO, said: “With the introduction of ‘Makku de DS,’ we turn a new page in the history of the food and beverage industry. We hope to provide increased convenience and a place where kids and families can enjoy more than just the food. I’d like to see all of our stores offering the new service in the not-too-distant future.”


He also said that McDonald’s Japan had been working with Nintendo since 2007 on the new service, and that they were looking into collaborating with other game manufacturers.

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