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MHI, Tokyo Gas develop new 1,000kW gas engine cogeneration system


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) and Tokyo Gas Co have jointly developed a new 1,000kW gas engine cogeneration system. Both companies are scheduled to begin sales of the system on Nov 1.


The new system is developed based on the conventional 930kW gas engine cogeneration system, but the engine maintenance interval has been extended compared to the conventional system as the friction wear of the engine components is reduced by lowering the engine speed from 1,500 revolutions per minute (rpm) to 1,000 rpm, which ultimately results in reduction in engine maintenance frequency and cost. Also, the use of new long-stroke pistons has made it possible to increase generating output while reducing the engine’s rated speed. Furthermore, the upgraded engine control technologies have contributed to achieve generating efficiency of 42.3% – the highest level in the 1,000kW class – as well as overall efficiency of 78.5%.


Through these efforts for reducing maintenance cost and improving both generating and overall efficiency, the system running cost is considerably reduced. As a result, recovery of initial investment can be recovered approximately three years sooner than the conventional system. Moreover, the width of the enclosure has been reduced by 500 millimeters compared to the conventional system to serve more customers with various installation conditions.


In recent years, business continuity plans (BCP) and electric power conservation efforts have helped growing customer interest in energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas engine cogeneration systems. In response, MHI and Tokyo Gas have utilized their extensive experience in gas engine cogeneration development and adopted the unique concept of lowering engine speed while increasing output and efficiency to introduce this highly efficient new system to the market.

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