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NEC begins shipment of LTE wireless base stations for NTT Docomo


NEC Corp on Thursday began shipments for commercial use wireless base stations supporting NTT Docomo’s scheduled launch of LTE service in December 2010.


By employing new cutting-edge device technology, these wireless base stations are approximately one fourth the size (width: 508mm; height: 199mm; depth: 391mm) of NEC’s conventional 3G base stations. Furthermore, high performance programmable processors developed by NEC’s laboratories enable the flexible handling of 3GPP international standard revisions and service changes just by updating software.


In addition to wireless base stations, NEC is providing switches that link core LTE network devices as well as switches that connect wireless base stations with core network devices. Moreover, in its role as a total system provider that supports Docomo’s drive to realize commercial LTE services, NEC also serves as a development and production vendor for LTE mobile phones, including communications infrastructure and devices.

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