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NEC develops Japanese-English interpretation software for cell phones


NEC Corp said Monday that it has developed automatic software for cell phones that quickly and accurately provides interpretation of words and phrases commonly associated with travel.


The new software is specialized for compact cell phone CPUs and provides automatic interpretation from Japanese to English and English to Japanese. Demonstrations of the software have been embedded in NEC cell phones, which independently provide interpretation without the need for network connections or outside servers. Furthermore, only a few moments are required for the software to recognize a word or phrase before an interpretation is conveniently displayed.


NEC said the development stems from a high precision “compact and scalable voice recognition engine” and a “lexical-rule-based translation device.”


The accuracy of NEC’s voice recognition software under noisy conditions has been significantly improved, while the size of the device has been considerably reduced. NEC also said that it has significantly improved the range of words and expressions recognized by the device through an expanded database that has not increased the size of the product.

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