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NEC provides traffic control system for Shin-Tomei Expressway


NEC Corp is providing the Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO Central) with traffic control systems for the Shin-Tomei Expressway that opened in April 2012.


NEC’s traffic control systems provides drivers with roadway information from sources that include sensors and emergency telephones and keeping them connected to important instructions from the Expressway Control Center.


This new system, installed at NEXCO Central’s Tokyo control center, provides real time traffic information by rapidly processing large volumes of data (big data) collected from roadway sensors at approximately 1 minute intervals, roughly 5 times the frequency processed by existing systems.


Moreover, IP networks efficiently transmit information from roadway sensors to the control center, where traffic conditions can be easily observed from large scale screens. Furthermore, this system is connected with the Tomei Expressway and Chuo Expressway systems, which enables effective responses to large scale emergencies.

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