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New website Grendz.com provides latest info on green technologies, science breakthroughs


Fullcircle Innovations KK has launched a new website, Grendz.com, to keep up with the latest news on eco-elated technologies and science breakthroughs


Flavio Souza, founder and CEO of Fullcircle Innovations, said Grendz.com is reaching the highest rung of the ladder in providing new technology trends. “People can easily share and get latest green technology breakthroughs via this simple yet informative website.”


The website offers two affordable services:


The PLUS Service provides a weekly report with the top Grendz trends of the week dropped straight into the e-mail inbox every Friday. This would save a lot of time and makes sure that people are always in the know for the leading green trends.

nnThe AD Service (only 5 spots available) that provides a special highlight to your own green products/services/brand in main page and/or posts it for a month. n

“The awareness about green products and services particularly in Asia are the major cause of this innovative website,” said Souza. “Some of the latest science innovations are shared by people, and that turns out to be advantageous for other people. The visitors to this website are engaged in some of the best trends; therefore, it’s a great platform for all science and eco-friendly news.


“I believe Grendz has the potential to become a gigantic global database of green ideas and technology solutions that will help our planet to change directions toward a more positive and greener approach in the near future” Souza said.

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