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NHK develops remote-controlled, multi-view camera system


NHK has developed a remote-controlled, multi-view camera system for providing dynamic images of objects at different positions and in motion.


Multi-view imaging involves surrounding the objects (e.g. sports players) with a number of cameras, which can provide a virtual all-round view of them at any point of time. Existing systems have only been able to capture the objects from a limited number of vantage points, owing to the fixed direction of the cameras.


NHK said, however, it has come up with a means of ensuring that all of the cameras can maintain the same look-at point,nby having eight cameras (for pans, tilts and zooms) move in tandem with one main camera. This enables the cameras to keep up with quickly moving players and provide multi-view imaging of the decisive moments in a sporting event.


Faster image processing) and automatic editing and feeds moreover allow for multi-view images to be used in a timely manner during a live telecast of a sporting event.

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