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Nikon launches NPS global website


Nikon Corp is reinforcing its services for professional photographers by launching its new Nikon Professional Services (NPS) global website http://nps.nikonimaging.com. NPS is a membership organization through which Nikon offers support and services to professional photographers worldwide.


For nearly 50 years, NPS has provided routine maintenance and repair services for professional photographers’ equipment, as well as provided support at international events held around world. With the expansion of Nikon’s lineups of high-end digital-SLR cameras, NIKKOR lenses and other accessories, the NPS Global site has been developed to serve as a portal that distributes the latest information to assist NPS members working globally in their photographic activities.


In addition to introducing an overview of NPS activities, the NPS Global site will offer members greater convenience, including providing links to regional NPS sites to find out about practical local information, local service facility list for photographers to visit when they are faced with equipment problems while on overseas assignment, and worldwide NPS service depot information.


The site will also offer informational contents, such as the introduction of effective techniques for using professional equipment.

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