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Nintendo to host game design seminar this summer

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Japanese video game giant Nintendo has announced that it will be accepting applications from university students between May and June to attend a special seminar beginning this summer; the first of its kind in three years.


The Nintendo Game Seminar 2013 will give students the opportunity to explore the question of “What is game design?” while creating an original title for Nintendo’s (currently struggling) Wii U home console.


The course will take place over a period of eight months, with members opting to focus on programming, graphics or sound design. Participants attend lectures and seminars in Tokyo or Osaka as well as working and studying from home before graduating in March 2014. The course will also be a chance to meet Nintendo figures like CEO Satoru Iwata or maybe even legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.


So, if you or someone you know is currently studying in Japan and has the relevant language and skills then head over to Nintendo’s official site for more information. Applications can be made any time between May 13 and June 2 this year.


Source: ねとらぼ


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