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Nintendo to launch new version of blockbuster ‘Wii Sports’


Nintendo Co said sales of its Wii game console have lost some steam in Japan, but it aims to boost demand again by launching a new version of its blockbuster “Wii Sports” software in June. The Wii far outsells Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 globally. But in Japan, sales of the PS3 outstripped those of the Wii in March for the first time in 16 months thanks to new PS3 titles from Sega Sammy and Capcom.


In a bid to put vigor back into Wii sales, Nintendo plans to launch “Wii Sports Resort” in June in its home market, followed by overseas release in July. Nintendo’s earlier “Wii Sports” game helped drive its console sales.


Strong sales of both the Wii and Nintendo’s handheld DS player despite the global economic slowdown had led the company to expect a record 530 billion yen operating profit for the year that ended on March 31.

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