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Nissan announces new IT service for businesses


Nissan Motor Co announced a new IT service which aims to improve car economy as well as vehicle safety from a business perspective, at the recent Nissan 360 press event held in North America.


The service offers businesses owned car maintenance information, driving diagnosis results for each driver, smart-drive diagnosis results and other such information. Through the service, companies can thus not only lesson their own running costs, but improve safe-driving awareness. Hopefully, the result is that corporations be able to perform operations with the highest level of economy and safety.


Nissan says that in order to realize this service that they must develop a new system which delivers each kind of information for cars owned by clients to external IT devices, such as devices equipped within vehicles and smartphones, all the while maintaining the highest level of security.


Nissan will be testing the adaptation of the newly announced IT service in cars aimed at potential business users.

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